How the American Accent Can Work for You

The Secret To Speak English Like A Native

Intelligence, personality and ability or just some of the qualities sort after when it comes to hiring new recruits. Just like all the other candidates applying for the post, those of foreign origin share these qualities. The only thing that can possibly hold them back or work against them is their lack of American accent or rather presence of a heavy foreign accent.

For some employers, communication is vital and anything considered problematic is likely to be eliminated from the get go. Foreigners are generally discriminated against of it is noted that they have a heavy non American sounding accent. Although judging someone by their accent will be denied, it is without doubt a true fact that the way one speaks can influence how society both sees and accepts them.

Feeling out of place or different can have an impact on one’s self esteem as the feeling of rejection or alienation can lead to developing an inferior complex. Learning how to improve your American accent can have its advantages and if acceptance and success is what you desire then it really comes down to making the American accent work for you and using it to your benefit.

Developing a convincing American accent can not only help you achieve higher goals but also have a positive impact on the way you can blend in as a foreigner. Those who go on to develop an authentic American accent often pass for an American, that is to say someone who was either born or brought up in the US.

Confident Speech In English