How to Develop An American Accent

The Secret To Speak English Like A Native

Many people who choose to learn English as a foreign language opt for developing an American accent. This may be because they have the intention to either travel to the United States or reside there and speaking English with a native accent can be an advantage to prevent alienation.

For anyone learning English there are several ways to tackle the language. Attending classes held in a classroom, private tuition and online courses are just some of the ways you can learn English. But developing a native American accent is something that requires a little more practice as well as technique.

Differing to British English, American speaks with a different intonation so it is important to practice all vowels sounds, consonants and dipthongs. Where possible it is far more advantageous to attend English classes that are conducted by an American, that way you can pick up on the intonation and variations in dialect etc. Text books will have the various alternates but it is far easier to hear the pronunciation of word. With this is mind it is also an option to listen to audio videos and watch as much American TV or films as possible.

Another way to develop an American accent is the spend time talking with Americans. If possible travelling to the States and spending time amongst the natives is a great way to practice your accent. Because of the regional variations in accents, it may be wise to decide on the type of accent you wish to develop given that a northern and southern accent differ, as do those from the East and West coast.

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