Why You Should Learn the American Accent

The Secret To Speak English Like A Native

For many foreigners choosing to immigrate to the US it is important for them to improve not only on their knowledge of the English language but also their American accent. Without doubt an authentic sounding American accent can open up many more opportunities, particularly where employment opportunities are concerned. This said, losing your foreign accent is not a requirement but a heavy foreign accent can be seen to hold you back and be a slight disadvantage due to the acceptance and tolerance levels of many Americans.

So why should you learn the American accent and give up your authenticity as a foreigner? Well for many it all comes down to integration and fitting in to a foreign culture. Speaking English with an American accent certainly can help you to blend in and even increase your chances are accessing things with more equality.

The advantages to developing an American accent are many, especially given that the job market in the United States is known to be both discriminatory and biased. Those in high position may discriminate against a foreigner with a heavy or broad foreign accent on the assumption that the individuals English is not up to scratch and that it may pose problems in communication. By learning how to speak English with an American accent you minimize your chances of being discriminated against and increase your chances of obtaining a decent paying job.

Learning the American accent is something which takes a little time and patience but most of all practice. In order to make an obvious difference in the way you sound it is imperative that practice is taken seriously and done regularly in order to gain results.

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