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Businesses getting into a partnership or individuals looking to avail the services of a business should first conduct a business background check. This assists them in making a more informed business decision. There are several agencies that provide information on businesses; the information can include data on lawsuits, liens, bankruptcies, and corporate information.

Individuals wishing to take the services of a law firm, a contractor, a car dealer, or builder can perform a business background check to try and ensure that they do not end up doing business with a trickster. Business background checks can also help in evaluating old-age homes and nursing centers where one may have to admit a family member.

Before agreeing to a business transaction of any sort with a company, whether advertising, marketing, or public relations firms, it is important to get a feel of their capacity to deliver as well as their market reputation. A business background check assumes even greater significance if it is for a one-time business transaction because once a deal has been agreed to; issue-resolving at a later date can be a long drawn process and most often with one-time transactions companies do not vigorously pursue an issue. Therefore, it is important to obtain samples of successful work done before making any written commitment.

Information necessary for a business background check can be obtained from the “Doing Business As” (DBA) records that are available at the county courthouse. The DBA records are public records and provide valuable information on businesspersons and companies that have been given a license to do business in a given region.

By running a business background check on a prospective business partner, one becomes aware of the liabilities that one may possibly invite if the business partner fails to live up to his part of the deal.

Business background checks reveal business, professional, and personal information. The business information can consist of national property records, business name and address, FEIN, UCC filings, any civil litigations, and tax liens. Professional license verification, DBA filings, partnerships and affiliations are also checked. Personal information covered for a business background check includes social security numbers of owners and directors, aliases, and residence property owners.

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