Content Curation: What Does It Involve?

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Content curation is one of the newer buzz words when it comes to writing, reading, and providing content for our visitors. Ever since Google’s algorithmic shakeups of late, content and its relevancy has become ever more important. But, aside from SEO benefits, content curation should be about providing great content for our site visitors. Google says they strive to reward unique, well organized content and that is the focus of content curation.

Curating content involves researching and gathering relevant and relative information pertaining to a subject (or subjects) that you are writing about in order to provide a more well-rounded information base to your readers. So, instead of just writing one long article, you may write an article that expounds the points of another person’s article by providing supporting information and inviting your readers to provide their thoughts.

Most of the times, people will write about a subject they know about a lot or will write about topics based on information they have gathered…or, in other words…curated. It isn’t about blatent copying of other peoples’ works, rather reworking their ideas and linking back to them as the original author of such topics.

Pinterest is a good example because people post/share other peoples’ photos or images and others can comment on the subject matter. This becomes a type of content curation.

When it comes to people who make money online, one of the biggest challenges is not only producing content but finding subjects to write about. With content curation, you don’t have to be th expert. By reading other peoples’ works, reworking it in your own “voice” then crediting the original source, you are now contributing (hopefully) to the topic and inviting others to do the same therefore making “content” in cyberspace much more informational and easy to read.

That’s the goal anyway!

Content Professor