Get Started With Content Curation

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You’ve probably heard people buzzing about this relatively new technique called content curation. You’re hearing some of the big gurus talk about it and it’s being mentioned more and more in internet marketing and SEO circles. So, now you’re ready to get started in content curation right? Great, read on.

Firstly, understand that content curation is not about stealing other peoples’ works. It’s about gather content from multiple sources that provide more well-rounded information than perhaps just one article you produce. While you can use software to help acquire related content, overall the process is easy enough that all it takes it a little effort.

Content curation is easy. You don’t have to be some guru or pro at article writing or content creation in general. You can use tools like Tumblr Share where once installed in your browser, you can find stories related to what your article is about and remotely post to your Tumblr blog adding “curated content”.

Other sources of content could be RSS feeds, Google Alerts, etc. You can search Google News or news stories from news websites, authority sites/blogs, etc. The point is, content curation is about adding links to relevant sources or even writing your own excerpts of those sources and of course provide a link to the original content you’ve “curated” so that your audience can follow your suggestions adding to their overall experience on whatever topic you’re writing about.

Content cutation does not have to be a difficult process. If you keep the reader in mind, take time to find relevant content to your niche, provide links to those sources you “curate” then you’ll be adding to a more informative, yet less fragmented web experience and should receive some Google love and audience appreciation as a result.

Content Professor