Influencing Your Readers With Content

Monthly Content

One of the hottest topics in internet marketing today is content curation. The beauty of this technique is, if done correctly, it can help you build influence with your readers and help you appear to be an authority. Other positive results can include gaining more followers and fans as well as increase your online income, if that’s one of your main goals.

There are a few different techniques to curating content but one of the more “professional” ways is to not only find content related to your topic or niche, but to comment on other authors’ content or share resources of related content so your readership gains greater insight into the topics you write about.

One example of commenting on curated content may be taking an excerpt from a news story and sharing it on your blog with your added comments. Or, sharing a tweet on your facebook page whilst adding your own thoughts. By sharing this curated content in the social media space, your readers can then comment and share their perspectives whilst once again adding more unique content to your web properties.

Sole internet marketers as well as professional content creators now have a valuable technique for adding content from as many sources as they like while providing an expanded perspective into whatever topic is being discussed. It’s not just about “new” content but content that provides value, additional information, opinions, and so on.

If done correctly, the result of your curated content (including of course your own uniquely written comments) should be something your audience wants to share, which can go viral and bring in more visitors than before.

Just remember to always keep your readers in mind and provide the best content possible. This way, everyone wins!

Content Professor