Understanding Content Curation for Todays Blogger

Monthly Content

Today’s blogger, in particular those who earn some form of income by providing content on their website(s), should strongly consider content curation. As long as you keep your readers in mind and provide free, valuable information from a multitude of helpful resources, you are on the right track. The problem with bloggers, even the most enthusiastic, is at some point they feel they run out of information or topics to write about and eventually stop writing altogether.

Adding new, fresh, unique content, at least several times per week, will not only keep the search engines happy but will drive more visitors to your articles. This is obviously the ideal situation because you build your readership, people share your content, you start to earn money (if you monetize your blog), and so on. However, keeping up with the demands of your audience will always be a balancing act.

Curating content is certainly one way to help you continue to provide great content for your readers. However, some folks may feel they are plagiarising if they are “grabbing” content from sources other than their own. It’s not about “stealing” content by any means. Rather, it’s a process of researching and collating content written by other people, preferrably experts, in such an informative way that your readers feel they are receiving much more information from one location (your blog) than having to read dozens of websites over time.

If you aim to earn money from your blog’s traffic, content curation can be extremely effective in driving more traffic to your articles therefore increasing your chances of earning more money online. Again, keep your readers interests in mind as it’s not just about “selling”. At the same time, carefully construct your curated content in a way that not only provides value to your reader, but also entices them to take action (click a link, buy a product, etc.) where you are financially compensated.

Content Professor