3 Types of Marketers

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There are three basic types of affiliate marketers. These types can essentially help to explain at about which point you’re at in regards to your career in addition to about where you’re headed towards into the future as well.

The three different types are as follows:

  1. The Noob
  2. The Spender
  3. The Banker

The vast majority of affiliates reside in one of these first two groups. The noob is essentially the wide-eyed, bushy-tailed and hyper motivated affiliate who’s just found out about the game. They’re often quite optimistic, however, this particular trait is usually also tempered by a relative innocence, ultimately ensuring that said affiliate is completely and utterly unaware of the truly harsh, difficult reality of the affiliate marketing industry.

The spender encompasses perhaps the largest overall amount of affiliate marketers in the space today. Spender type affiliates tend to do a ton of research and buy as many different affiliate marketing tutorials as they possibly can. They’re usually huge fans of e-books, cleverly-named courses and WSO’s, literally believing that achieving their personal online marketing goals — both in the short and long terms — will be dictated by whether or not they can somehow discover the perfect former affiliate blueprint for success. And they usually won’t stop spending until they do — at least until they run entirely out of money, of course.

The banker on the other hand, is the affiliate marketer who has managed to put it all together, constantly learning new things whilst also not missing out on the opportunity to learn from their own personal mistakes as well. They’re a success and through hard work, intuition and a strong desire and motivation to succeed, they’ve grabbed the proverbial brass ring and pulled it in for them.

Naturally, you’re no doubt wondering what the big secret is that the banker type affiliates learned in order for them to help get themselves to the next level. And you’ll no doubt be surprised to learn that there isn’t any magical single product or service that can turn any noob affiliate into a resounding overnight success (unfortunately).

You see, it’s actually a combination of several different techniques that amounts to the perfect affiliate marketing educational solution. A solution that The Dojo — the definitive, comprehensive affiliate marketing community — just so happens to have. The Dojo was created by online marketing experts to properly and effectively guide and teach the online marketing experts of the future. Do you think this future is going to include you?

When it comes to online marketing, there’s oftentimes a fine, fine line between spending too much time on researching and learning various new aspects of the game, and actually taking the time to implement these aspects personally yourself. It’s been said many, many times before that the best way to learn the cold, hard realities of the affiliate marketing industry is to make your own mistakes and then subsequently learn from them. But we may perhaps take this for granted that people will know how to learn from their own personal mistakes.

The Dojo meanwhile gives you all of the resources and tools you could ever hope or imagine in your quest for Internet marketing greatness. There’s case, studies, guides, personalized one-on-one coaching and, of course, a highly educated, patient, no-nonsense community whose expertise is yours to utilize as much as you’d like.

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