How to Make Cash With CPA Marketing

How to Earn Commission from Clickbank

If you’re new to the concept of CPA marketing, let me first explain what it means. CPA is short for Cost Per Action. Action is the key word here because as an affiliate, it’s your job to get your site vistors to perform an action that gets you paid. You will need to sign up to CPA networks to find offers to promote so that’s the first place to start.

Once logged into your CPA network, you then can scan their marketplace to find which offers you’d like to promote. You can also ask your affiliate manager for any tips on which offers are converting the best. It’s a good idea to become friendly with your affiliate manager as they can often help you make money, especially in the beginning of your CPA marketing career.

As you scan the marketplace, you’ll notice a lot of offers that may pay a small amount, let’s say $1 per action, but they should be relatively easy to promote. For example, there might be a Dating offer where if someone submits their email address they’ll be given a free trial at a particular dating site. Since most people see giving their email address as an easy task, you can make good money if you get enough people to submit on a daily basis.

However, some offers pay a lot mroe than $1, even up to $130 depending on what the site visitor must do (ie the number of “actions” performed). Some affiliates specialize in these higher paying offers and if they’re seasoned enough, can really make a killing!

While the overall concept of CPA marketing is pretty simple, ie get targeted traffic to your high converting pre-sales page, there are a bunch of subtle nuances you’ll want to master if you really want to earn the big bucks. But that’s the beauty of CPA marketing, you can go from making a few bucks per day to making 6-figures per month…or, even per DAY like some of the high rollers in this industry.

Either way, CPA marketing is a great way for new and seasoned affiliates to earn a great living on the interwebs!

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