Understanding CPA Marketing

How to Earn Commission from Clickbank

CPA stands for Cost per Action and is a money making business idea within the Internet Marketing world. Unlike other online earning strategies CPA is said to be more effective and require the least amount of work.

Someone who adopts the CPA business role, a CPA marketer, will help companies generate new leads and receive a commission for their efforts. More and more online companies are keen to get their hands on new leads and for this reason they are prepared to pay handsomely for any new customers. In short, a CPA marketer acts as a middleman between the company and potential customers.

The way in which a CPA marketer generate leads, is by targeting traffic through their various links placed on the web. Should anyone take up the link offer, generally a free trail or offer, then the CPA marketer receives a commission. The whole aim is to steer new customers to the company’s website via your link and hope they make some kind of purchase. This is perhaps how the term of this earning model takes its name Cost per Action.

CPA marketing is increasingly popular amongst internet marketers and should not be confused with affiliate marketing. Getting accepted to CPA networks can be a lot tougher as most CPA networks prefer people with a strong and proven marketing background. Affiliate networks will pretty much accept any newcomers. But it is not always about experience as there are also a number of new marketers out there who have great conversion records. At the end of the day it is all about sales and the number of new customers, so if you can prove you can generate new lead, you are sure to make money through CPA marketing.

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