Cosmetics With Oxygen the Alternative to Botox

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Fact is our skin is mostly suffering under a lack of oxygen. Of course many different circumstances are playing an important role that it is like this.

The broadly known ones are:

  • UV-rays. Nowadays every child knows already that too much sun-rays are everything else than good for our skin.
  • Harmful substances in the environment which permanentely increasing in our technical-orientated society.
  • Climatical changes are doing the rest for this drawback.
  • Our daily stress is getting on our nerves with the consequence that it harms our skin and makes it wrinkly.
  • Fast food and wrong diet in general are support as well the destruction of healty skin, because so our skine doesn’t get enough vitamins and minerals.
  • Smoking is doing the rest to let our skin look old and wrinkly much more earlier as it is due to its biological age.
  • Last but not least everybody’s biological physical aging process within the years is hindering an adequate absorbation of oxygen. The result is the loss of skin’s elasticity. The skin is losing humidity and is getting thinner. The is looking “tired”. First wrinkles are appearing, we are looking older and older and after while we don’t recognize ourselves anymore in the mirror.

Not less of us are the opinion that a lifting or injection with the neurotoxic substance botox is our last hope and can save our skin. But: Do they know that botox is quite dangerous? A spoonful of this neurotoxic substance is already enough to poison all inhabitants of Middle Europe! Further comments are not needed due to this fact.

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