Treatment for Genital Warts

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Genital warts treatment methods can come in many different forms, and which one you decide upon depends to a very large extent on your treatment preferences, the severity of your genital warts, your health, any underlying medical problems and if you are pregnant.

This applies not only to the medical methods of genital warts treatment, but also to the naturopathic methods of genital warts treatment. To begin with though, a list of the various genital warts treatment methods will give you an overview of what is available.

These include in the surgical field, surgical excision (the warts will be removed through surgery), electrocautery or electro surgery (the warts will be burned off and the wound cauterized).

Other genital warts treatment methods include, cryotherapy or cryosurgery (liquid nitrogen will be injected into the wart whereupon it will freeze and be removed); Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure or LEEP (a sharp loop-ended electrical tool will be passed under the wart to remove it), and Laser therapy (a high powered laser is used to burn the warts off).

There are of course other genital warts treatment methods which don’t include the use of surgical methods. For the most part these utilize medication in the form of ointments, solutions and creams.

These include the antiviral drugs called Interferons, the newly FDA approved Green Tea extract Polyphenon, Imiquimod cream, Trichloracetic acid and Bichloracetic acid, Podophyllin, and also Fluorouracil.

Almost to the last one these genital warts treatment methods will need to be applied by a trained medical staff and are only available through prescription. Also most of these should not be used if you are pregnant as they can harm the developing fetus.

If you want to avoid these genital warts treatment methods entirely you also have the option of going the naturopathic route. Here you will find that you have an even greater scope for finding the right genital warts treatment to suit you.

These genital warts treatment methods include, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Acupuncture, Acupressure, the use of Heat Pads, and also the uses of herbal tinctures and teas. All of this will also be aided by a change in lifestyle and diet.

Although not much touted, this is one of the better methods of genital warts treatment and can help you to keep fit from recurring genital warts as well as help your immune system to fight off other strains of genital warts as well as other sexually transmitted diseases.

After this you can then decide which genital warts treatment suits you best and go from there. To do this however, you should first of all have a proper medical examination to confirm that you do indeed have genital warts!

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