No Cost Home Energy Savers You Can Do

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We have learned from our teachers that energy is neither created nor destroyed. But, this doesn’t mean that it is free. Well, of course it is fee but for us to use to safely, we have to pay the right price. And if paying comes a little over what you have allocated on your monthly household budget, there are things that must be done.

You must realize how to conserve energy.

There are several actions that can be done to significantly lower down your electric bills. All you need are common sense and sensitivity on the things you may change. It will be discussed below.

No cost home energy savers

As was said, with the use of common sense and sensitivity on your actions, you can cut down your electric bills without buying energy savers. Here are the ways to do it:

Turn of the stereos, televisions, and lights when you leave the room or if you do not need them

Energy is wasted and money is spent unknowingly if these things are not practiced. Surely, some of us are aware that turning off appliances when not using then is important but many would still neglect the practice knowing that it would only cost them small amount. Yes, it may be small amount but if you are doing this in your entire life multiply that to the number of appliances you have in your home, you might be unwisely spending hundreds of dollars.

Turn off computer monitor when not in use

Just like your television, your computer monitor consumes energy. And like your television, you may want to turn it off while away from your computer.

Maximize the use of your washing machine or dishwasher

Full load your washing machine and dishwashers. Take note that you consume the same power regardless of the quantity of your wash loads. If in case you have few dishes you need to wash, you can always wash and dry them by hand.

In this way, you have saved not only energy but also water and dishwashing soap. This also goes with few pieces of clothes you need to wash. Another energy saver is the front load washing machine. Using this will save you 50% on water and 50% on energy. You may also want to air dry your dishes as well as your clothes.

Use cold water when washing your clothes

Total savings that would not cost you a dime is when you decide to wash your clothes without using water heaters. Washing machines consume most of their energy heating the water that will be used.

Refrain from using your microwave to thaw frozen meat

If you practice removing frozen meat from the fridge and thawing it in your microwave, you are wasting a lot of money. In order for you to save, remove frozen meat hours before you plan to cook it. You can immerse it in warm water do speed up the process.
Do not put hot or warm food on the fridge

Let them cool down first. The fridge will consume a lot of power in order to cool down these hot foods where in fact you can always avoid them.

Do not use second fridge if necessary

If you can squeeze all your “fridgeable” stuff inside one fridge, do so. A second fridge doubles your energy consumption.
Ensure that your house is sealed

If you are using heating system or air conditioning to warm up or cool down your home, make sure you that your house is completely sealed. This will ensure that the devices are used efficiently. Leaks will keep the heat from your home thus will push the heating system for work more and consume more energy. This also goes with air conditioning system.

Lower down the thermostat by as much as 7 degrees centigrade while not at home or while sleeping

This will keep your energy consumption maximize. Remember that you don’t need super cool air or extremely hot room while you are away or while you are sleeping.

Making sure that you maximize this will keep you electric bill in your desired figures. Follow it and see the difference.

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