Instagram and Marketing Online

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The latest marketing opportunity now available on the internet is that of Instagram. Although still very much in its early stages, Instagram has taken off with such incredible pace, so it can only be beneficial to find out what exactly Instagram and internet marketing actually is.

With well over 80 million users Instagram it has to be said that instagram is not only popular but also a huge success. Basically it is a photo sharing application which can be used across various social media platforms. It allows even the most amateur of photographers to take a photo and transform it into something quite eye catching.

Since Instagram was bought over by Facebook, Instagram has experienced even more popularity and gained millions more users. Amazing what a mere billion dollars can do but for those in the internet marketing world, Instagram is the new way forward to reaching out that bit further. By incorporating images into internet marketing you can reach out to more followers and create what is referred to as branding.

Instagram means instant photo sharing as you can literally take a photo with your phone and immediately upload the image to Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. The can even post on several platforms at the same time which saves so much time and effect in the social media marketing world. By tagging your photos and including keywords in their description you can increase rankings in the search engine. The more engaging the image, the more likely you are to receive comments and this in turn will help with page ranking , SEO and gaining followers who will share your image further and obtain you even more likes and comments. So get creative and get started by incorporating Instagram into your online business and online marketing.

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