Power Your Marketing Plan With Instagram Marketing

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Instagram now has over ninety million active users sharing millions of photos every day. When you have that type of popularity on a social media property, people take notice…particular those who realize the power of social media and how it can affect the bottom line. Businesses, from solo internet marketers to fortune 500 companies, all realize the power of content and video but, photo sharing also has its place in marketing and promoting ones brand…and, it’s easier than you might imagine.

One way you can use Instagram for marketing purposes is by using real photos of your products, your shop, your employees, YOU, and so on. Imagine you have a flower shop and you, or a photographer you hire, takes photos of all your beautiful arrangements. These are phots you WANT to share because people tend to respond positively to beautiful photographs. Your flower business may specialize in funeral flower arrangements or wedding bouquets. What better way to share your talents than through beautiful photos of your product or service?

Behind the scenes shots are great because they help connect you with your customers and prospects. Big businesses are generally so large that they feel like a faceless entity but the reality is, it’s everyday people who are the workers that make that business what it is and seeing behind the scenes photos can relate a product or service on an intimate level, instead of a faceless “machine” so to speak.

Why not ask your customer to take a photo of them using the product they purchased from you? People love to read testimonials, and pictures (as they say) can say 1,000 words. This is a great way to emphasize how great your product is, by showing happy customers!

Instagram marketing can be a very effective tool to help build brand awareness. Take a look at some of the businesses using Instagram Marketing, note down which ones make an impact with you, and get your creative cap on and your camera at the ready…it’s time for some Instagram Marketing!

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