What Is Instagram?

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In a nutshell Instagram is the fun way to take photos and share them with friends and followers online. All you need is a mobile handset and an Instagram account and you can upload and edit your photos reading for sharing on social media site such as Facebook and Twitter. Since its launch in 2010 Instagram boasts over 80 million users with millions of photos being uploaded to the web each year.

The success of Instagram has been rapid with images generating over 600 likes per second and over 85 comments. Its biggest connection is with Facebook and it is for this reason that Facebook bought the mobile app for a rumoured price of over 1 billion dollars.

Without doubt photo sharing has been upgraded and users of this clever platform enjoy uploading and editing their snapshots with some of the many cool special effects. But it is not just basic users who are indulging in Instagram. Many online businesses are using this new type of social media as a means to market their brands. Just about everyone can relate to images and with good strong pictures present on their websites businesses are noticing a huge increase in product interest and ultimately sales profits.

Instagram reaches out to a wider audience and enables more in depth searches on the web. Updates are daily and with the added features of geotagging and hash tagging followers can find specific products and information that much easier. Image sharing has never been so exciting and within only a couple of years it is fair to say that Instagram is still only in its developmental phase. As the saying goes, things can only get better and bigger.

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