Were You Aware of These iPad Features

Ipad Video Lessons

Now that you finally own your own iPad, are you aware of all the great features? There are quite a few and Apple may not provide a tutorial on all the great features of your new gadget. The reason is, no instruction manual is included in the iPad package. While the iPad is still designed to be very intuitive, it doesn’t mean a handy guide or set of video tutorials wouldn’t help the average user. So many people these days are buying iPads and the age and techo-experience is going to vary widely.

When it comes to the iPad, there are many basic and advanced features that some folks would never know existed let alone how to use them. This again, is where iPad video lessons would come in very handy. Perhaps for most folks, the basic features will be all they ever use. Or, it could be that folks simply don’t know about all the new features (advanced and basic) therefore limit themselves based on lack of knowledge about the device.

Here are a few features you may not have known about (until now):

1) There’s a split keyboard – If you press on the virtual keyboard with your thumbs and drag to each side of the iPad, the keyboard will split into two sections thus making it easier for you to type. Pretty cool, eh?

2) Snapping the screen – Have you ever come across a website where you wanted or needed to take a screen shot, maybe for reference later on or inspiration for something you’re working on? Well, to take that quick screenshot, simply press and hold the Home button and tap the Power button quickly to take a screenshot. This screenshot will now be saved like any other photo from the camera.

These are just 2 of the many features of your cool iPad. To learn many more great features, get a copy of iPad video lessons and shorten that learning curve significantly so you can start playing with your new iPad and enjoying the experience that much more!

Ipad Video Tutorials