Combat Keratosis Pilaris With a Balanced Diet

Banish My Bumps

Nothing could be simpler than opting for a treatment amongst the foods Mother Nature provides us with. It is food in the diet that can cause a whole host of skin complaints and keratosis pilaris is just one of them.

In today’s society, too many of us are consuming high amounts of processed foods in lieu of natural organic produce, which over time can have an adverse effect on our health and our bodies. When it comes to skin issues it is important to look at our diet and see what changes we can make in order to improve how we not only feel but also how we look.

The typical symptoms of keratosis pilaris are the hard bumps that are present on the surface of the skin, usually the arms and legs but they can also be found on the face. Rough to the touch and at times unsightly due to their reddish appearance, living with keratosis pilaris can be somewhat depressing, particularly for the fairer sex.

If treatments prescribed by your doctor are having no effect then perhaps it is time to go back to basics and take a look at your diet. Are you eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables? Do you drink enough water? Or is your diet many filled with fatty foods and sugars? Changing your diet will only pay off in a positive way and studies have shown that the appearance of the skin, for those who have KP, looks remarkably improved by eliminating foods with actually trigger off hormonal imbalances.

Living with Keratosis