Skin HydrationTreatment for Keratosis Pilaris

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Lack of moisture can result in the skin’s condition becoming worse, particularly for those who suffer from keratosis pilaris. The cold winter months are those in which anyone with this skin condition will want to keep their skin as hydrated as possible or be faced with inflammation of the skin that they will be desperate to cover up. Since the winter weather is drier, those parts of the body exposed to the elements such as the hands and face are prone to exaggerated symptoms of keratosis pilaris.

So how can you help treat keratosis by keeping your skin hydrated. One of the suggestions recommended for keratosis pilaris sufferers is to sleep with a humidifier in the room in order to prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated and keep the air moist. But sometimes this isn’t feasible depending on the living conditions of the individual. A more obvious method of treatment for keratosis pilaris is that of drinking water.

It is recommended that we drink around eight to ten glasses of water daily. This not only hydrates the body but also the skin keeping it balanced and providing you with benefits to your overall health. Drinking regular amounts of water also helps to flush out toxins from the body and keep the skin protected. The redness and inflamed appearance of the skin that comes with keratosis pilaris is generally down to an imbalance of toxins within skin care products, the diet or the environment.

Another way of keeping the skin hydrated is to eliminate processed foods from your diet as they too can be the cause of dehydration. Dieticians recommend that fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and natural produce can lead to a much improved appearance of the skin and work effectively in the treatment of keratosis pilaris.

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