I Want to Learn Chinese

Learn Cool Chinese Language

That’s right! I want to learn Chinese. Chinese is the new language of today’s world. I look around and I can see where all this is going. Our world is growing at such a alarming rate and the world economy is merging at an unforgiving speed, I think we will all be speaking Chinese and Spanish right along with English. We are fast approaching a multi-lingual world. We won’t need subtitles on films, or an interpreter to hustle us through a Chinese menu, or an old world master to explain the Chinese character’s meaning graced on a wall, if we just learn Chinese.

If I learn Chinese, I could talk with them hours on end about the ways of their culture and how to fung shui my house so I can find more tranquility. I could listen to great stories of ancient cultural hero’s and ponder their brilliant minds, wishing one for my next muse. If I learn Chinese, I could scold the angry driver next to me or my children for not picking up their clothes. If I learn Chinese, I could impress my friends and colleagues with my superior command of a higher learning that they don’t have. I could travel to the Asian world and madly shop amongst them, purchasing things I really don’t need, but happier for the engaging conversation between us.

If I learn Chinese, I will get a better job, a “worldly” career – my employer will find me indispensable and reward me with travel and great expense account. I will return to take his job, giving me a bigger expense account. If I learn Chinese, I could be an emerging artist in ancient Chinese calligraphy, brush stroking my way to a higher spiritual calling, even if only a tattoo artist, my work would live on forever.

If I learn Chinese, I could reign in reading the Chinese news to all sitting around me mesmerized by my fluency. I could also impress them with a follow up performance with a 9…10…even 15 course Chinese meal. If I learn Chinese, I would name all my pets (maybe even my children) with names 3 words long carrying such deep, soulful and eternal meanings.

If I learn Chinese, I could actively volunteer in Asian countries and become an important liaison between the eastern and western worlds. I would do great works in missionary arenas where so little help exists now. I know I could make the world a better place. If I learn Chinese, I would make it benefit all, so not only would the world economy be merging as expected, but so would the hearts. Because, If I learned Chinese, I would want for it to mean more than just a command of a second language, I would want to use it as a tool for connecting us all together other than just economy, or a passing by of another. In today’s world, if I learn Chinese, I could stop the hurry, if only to say, “hello”.

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