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It is said Mandarin Chinese is one of the top languages difficult to learn. The Chinese language embraces so many levels of complex spoken and written components within their language that it can almost seem to frustrating. In order to understand Chinese, you have to dissect the pronunciations, the written characters (and there are thousands upon thousands of them), and the tonal dialects used in each word. If the task of mastering the language becomes to cumbersome, it is often the choice to just give up.

There are means accessible to make writing Chinese somewhat easier. Some instructors suggest learning a few characters first which are most frequently used. Practice them over and over. Learning the direction of strokes, the difference in brushstrokes and pen (like thickness and style), and thorough repetition will be the best beginning point. Once familiarity of common used characters sets in, then a Chinese dictionary will come in handy to put meaning to the characters. A good guide to Chinese characters will encompass pages of most frequently used characters in the Chinese language. Practice writing Chinese and the characters. It is said that if you learn at least 800 of them, you will be able to retain at least, if not more, 86% of the characters commonly used. Double that and the comprehension rises to around 95% recognition. With that much understanding of the characters you are ready to begin grammatical lessons as well as beginning reading.

Lucky for those learning to read or write Chinese, grammar in the Chinese language is not as complex as the grammar and sentence syntax in the English language. Chinese grammar consists of only one form of verb and uses no tenses. To use adjectives, plurals, or past and future tenses, you would simply add one character. Learning to write characters in Chinese is a lot easier than actually speaking it. There is only one format used to write Chinese and is simple to comprehend.

The effect of repetition, practice and continual usage will improve your success tremendously. As will the all the free offerings online to help instruct you. Whatever your capacity or level for learning, most likely, there exists avenues online which will cater to your focus on learning to write Chinese. The most important thing to remember is not to give up. There will be plateaus and frustrating crossroads, but breakthrough always comes. If need be, seek guidance and help from those already proficient in the language for encouragement. Sometimes it is more beneficial to have a one on one instruction, or tutor, especially if you have questions or concerns about the direction you are heading into with the mastering of the Chinese language.

The Chinese language is a beautiful artful language becoming increasingly popular in the world. With the demand to learn Chinese, especially in writing the eloquent Chinese characters, more learning tools are becoming readily available. Explore all possibilities for gaining valuable knowledge on this subject, and persevere boldly into learning to write Chinese.

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