Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Proven Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

For many people hearing the words “Multiple Sclerosis” feels like being hit by a truck.

Fear and uncertainty take over and you begin to worry about you future. Even though MS isn’t a rare disease, it is far from common. For many in their 30’s or older they associate MS with childhood icon who became completely disabled from MS.

While total disability does occur, it is not common. MS is not fatal. People with MS can lead normal lives and enjoy a typical life span. Living with multiple sclerosis is not always easy, but with planning and forethought it is possible enjoy life.

Plan physical activates for times of the day when you experience less fatigue. Pay attention to good nutrition and take positive, proactive steps to reduce stress.

Daily cardio exercise will help you maintain mobility and keep your heart and lungs healthy. Strength training will build muscle, giving you more to work with during a flare up. Strong, healthy muscle will not reduce the effects of a flare up, but the more muscle you have to start with , the less recovery you will have to make in order to maintain function.

Daily stretching can help maintain flexibility, reduce spacticity and make daily activities easier.

Examine your work situation. You may need to reduce your work hours or change to a less stressful job.

Meditation is often helpful in reducing stress and controlling symptoms such as pain and dizziness.

If you lose balance often or experience dizziness, consider using a cane to reduce injury due to falls.

Research treatment plans for MS. Standard allopathic medicine and alternative medicine disciplines all have several therapy options. While there is no cure for MS, there are many options to help slow down disease progression, reverse symptoms, and even help repair myelin.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment