What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

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Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease which effects the central nervous system. For reasons unknown to allopathic medicine, the body’s immune system, which is designed to attack invading viruses and bacteria, starts attacking the lining around the nerve fibers.

This protective coating, called myelin, is damaged, or destroyed, leaving scar tissue or “sclerosis” behind. Myelin is made up of primarily fatty tissue and it’s purpose is to protect and insulate nerve fibers. Myelin helps keep the nerve signals intact and ensures they get where they are supposed to go, much like the insulating coating around electrical wires. Without functional myelin the nerve fibers can not carry electrical impulses through the body properly.

The result of this damage can range from mild tremors to total paralysis, and everything in between, depending on the extent and location of the damage.

There are four major types of Multiple Sclerosis.

Relapsing, Remitting MS is the type most people are initially diagnosed with. This type of MS occurs in flare-ups and remissions. The patient may be symptom free for months and then suddenly lose feeling in a limb or have problems keeping their balance.

Primary Progressive MS worsens slowly and steadily over time The patient does not have periods of remission or flare-ups, but the disease continues to progress slowly.

Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis starts out as the Relapsing, Remitting type. Over time the person stops having remissions or flare- ups and the disease starts to progress at a steady rate.

The most rare type of Multiple Sclerosis is called Progressive-Relapsing. With this type of MS disease progression is constant and steady, but the person will experience definite acute flare-ups.

Whichever type of Multiple Sclerosis a person has, there are treatments offered by both allopathic and alternative medicine to ease symptoms and possibly slow the progression of the disease.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment