Sheds – Is This A Man’s Castle?

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A wise man once said that “a man’s shed is his castle” well, actually, they didn’t, but they should have. A good shed is a simply a great thing to have in your garden – you can take all those tools and kids’ toys that are lying around and give them a storage place, where they won’t get lost and they’ll be safe from the rain.

Even if you don’t have a big garden, you might be surprised by the amount of space a shed will save you just by getting things like lawnmowers and chairs out of the way sometimes. And if you do have a big garden, of course, then you can really go to town!

Some things to consider when you’re choosing a shed (apart from the size) is the kind of wood it is made from, the colour of the wood, the number of windows and quality of the glass, and what kind of door it has. Remember when you choose that you’ll probably have this shed for decades to come – don’t skimp on cost. You might want to bring a photo of your garden with you so you can imagine what the shed will look like in it.

Once you’ve chosen a garden shed, there are two ways to get it put up: either you can do it yourself, or you can pay someone to do it for you. Many companies that sell sheds include delivery and assembly as part of the price, so do check.

Doing it yourself can be a fun adventure if you’ve got a spare weekend, and it’s really satisfying to see something you’ve built yourself standing in your garden. Modern sheds from DIY stores come with easy instructions and can be surprisingly quick to make, although you might a friend or relative to help you hold up some bits of the shed while you’re putting up the other parts.

However, if you’re not the do-it-yourself type, it’s worth considering getting the company to do it for you. It isn’t all that expensive, and they will have built that shed a thousand times before – you know it’ll be done right, and it won’t fall down while you’re inside it (a scary thought, I’m sure you’ll agree).

However you do it, enjoy your shed!

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