Shin Splints Self Care

Stop Splin Shints

Shin splints are generally caused by some intense force in the muscle of the lower leg. Prevention is to be well prepared before undergoing any kind of exercise and warming up or avoiding the particular type of high impact exercise in the first instance.

The time span recommended for healing shin splints is around two weeks but sometimes this can be prolonged depending of the severity of the injury. Low impact activities such as swimming and cycling are a solution to continued exercise but reducing the amount of force incurred by the muscles of the lower limb.

Self help techniques to aid the relief of shin splints includes painkillers, applying an ice pack to the affected area and wearing running shoes that offer the appropriate amount of support and cushioning to the foot. Stretching the calf muscle before and after exercise can also be of help as well as beneficial in the prevention of shin splints from occurring. Paying a little extra for a good pair of sports shows will not only help ward off shin splints but also increase the ability and enjoyment of high impact training.

In the cases where pain does not improve, it is then recommended to see your doctor where the underlying cause can be investigated in more depth. Things like stress fractures can then be either detected or eliminated and muscle and nerve damage, if present can be diagnosed and treated. If the swelling gets worse and persists even during rest periods then it could be that the condition is a little more severe than shin splints.

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