How to Stop Fibroids From Growing

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Fibroids are said to develop as a result of the body possessing too much estrogen. An imbalance of the estrogen hormone can be triggered by obesity, hormonal imbalances or a build up of estrogen that actually mimics substances contained in the liver. The way to control fibroids or prevent them from growing is to firstly identify the cause behind them and eliminate the harmful factors that cause them to grow larger.

Every individual will respond differently to the various primary and secondary factors which contribute to fibroid growth. For this reason it can in certain cases be somewhat difficult to identify the actual cause of fibroid development. But one thing that can be determined is that obesity can be addressed as can a hormonal imbalance.

Being overweight can lead to a whole host of health problem and research has shown that fat cells are a secondary production site for estrogen. Therefore gaining excess weight is a large contributor to both the development and growth of fibroids. In addition to weight gain, certain foods are also known to play a role in fibroid growth. Eliminating those foods that are potentially harmful will not only decrease fibroid development but also aid in weight loss.

Adopting a healthy diet and learning to eat the right foods is an important part of the process to cure fibroids. Detoxing and cleansing the liver can also help achieve the reduction in estrogen levels produced in the body. Processed foods, fatty foods and sugars should be replaced with organic produce such as vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts. These healthy options will not only reduce the imbalance of the estrogen hormone but will also stop fibroids from growing bigger. Exercise will also aid to weight loss and increase blood flow around the pelvic area where fibroid develop and cause discomfort.

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