Why Suffer In Silence With Fibroids

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For years many women tolerate day to day life experiencing a wide range of symptoms typical of fibroids without actually knowing this is what they have. Heavy bleeding that follows the monthly cycle, sever cramps and lower back pain, increased fatigue and forgetfulness, cramps, headaches and general unease, are just some of the many symptoms that come with fibroids.

Sometimes it is fear of the worst that prevent women from going for a check up and ultimately putting their mind at rest. Perhaps they have a family member who has had similar symptoms that have been diagnosed as something quite serious. It is not always easy to confront our fears and even overcome some of the embarrassment that the symptoms of fibroids bring.

Living with fibroids can be quite depressing if you are unlucky enough to suffer from many of the uncomfortable symptoms. But there is no need to suffer in silence as fibroids can be dealt with and in most cases treatment can be quite minimal. A significant change in diet and lifestyle can make all the difference when it comes to coping with pain and heavy bleeding. With more and more studies proving that a hysterectomy is perhaps not the only solution or even the answer to a severe case of fibroids, there is now a lot more information available on the various methods currently used in the prevention and treatment of fibroids. The condition itself is now widely recognised and is taken a lot more seriously.

Women with fibroids no longer need to suffer in silence and can take comfort in the fact that when they do brave a trip to the GP, they will be listened to and the symptoms they describe properly investigated. As a result not only will a correct diagnosis be made but also the most effective treatment can be offered.

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