Homeopathic Remedies For Urticaria

Urticaria Remedies

Most people have never heard of the word “urticaria“. Urticaria is the medical term for the word (or condition) known as hives. Hives is seen as an inflammatory reaction to the skin causing sometimes severe itchiness. Urticaria is often associated as an allergy but it’s also known as an autoimmune disorder. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes urticaria as it can be triggered by certain foods we eat, drugs we take, sun exposure, exercising too much, and so on.

Homeopathic remedies are perhaps slower remedies but utilize natural ingredients as opposed to over the counter drugs prescribed by your doctor. Below are a few examples of using homeopathic solutions to help stave off or get rid of urticaria and its conditions. But, before you try any remedies, always consult with your doctor to be sure your body won’t have any adverse reactions.

1) Sulphur – Try adding sulphur to your bath water to help relieve some of the symptoms of urticaria.

2) Natrum Muriaticum – If your urticaria spots are yellowish and have a greasy appearance, Natrum Muriaticum can be applied to help reduce the itchiness and soreness during an urticaria attack.

3) Pulsatilla
– If your urticaria is caused by digestive problems, then using Pulsatilla can help get rid of urticaria.

4) Rhus Toxicodendron – Only take this as a remedy if your urticaria gets worse during exposure to cold weather or water. Don’t use if treating urticaria caused by conditions other than stated above.

5) Bovista – If your urticaria covers the majority of your body, is painful, and gets worse at night then Bovista could be the right medicine for you.

Again, before you try any of the above or other treatments you read about, take some notes and consult your doctor first to see if they will be safe for you to take.

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