Natural Methods To Treat Chronic Urticaria

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Unlike acute urticaria, which a small dose of antihistamine can fix within a matter of hours, a chronic case of urticaria or hives is a little more complex as far as treatment goes. A general antihistamine will offer only short term effective relief for chronic idiopathic sufferers. Therefore it may be of interest to learn about some of the natural methods that are known be actually work and relieve some of the discomfort that comes with urticaria.

Here are some of the more natural methods used by many patients in an attempt to treat urticaria. Taking a high dose of Vitamin D is said to be highly effective against an outbreak of hives. Vitamin D is the nutrient that the skin absorbs through sun light. Using cold packs or ice packs to help reduce the swelling of those itchy bumps that appear of the skin, can really help causing reduce the discomfort. The itchiness causes endless scratching and is worse when hot, so using a cold pack straight from the fridge will have rapid relief benefits.

Lotions such as calamine can produce some relief when applied to the red patches and bumps on the skin. It is thought the smaller the bump then the more effective this lotion is. Calamine can help limit the intense level of itchiness and prevent the patient from persistent scratching, which often leads to open wounds and further pain and frustration.

Herbs such as Cats Claw and green tea can dramatically reduce swelling, green te as well as many other types of tea are natural antioxidants which can help fight against allergies. Aloe vera is another natural remedy for urticaria, the gel is soothing and helps calm the skin. Vitamin E oil is also very effective when applied to the affected area of the skin.

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