Urticaria Remedy and Relief

Urticaria Remedies

Skin allergies are very common and often come about as a result of the body repelling against something. Obvious symptoms consist of rashes, swelling, red patches or blotches and itchiness as the body manifests and rejects particular factors such as foods, chemicals, plants and even pets. Urticaria or hives is the common term given for this type of skin complaint and it is estimated that around twenty percent of the population suffer from it.

There are two types of urticaria classified as acute and chronic. In the case of an acute bout of urticuria the skin tends to calm down and heal within a few hours and matter of days. When the condition is chronic then a cure is not quite so straight forward and often the sufferer has a low immune system unable to fight it off.

Once diagnosed the rash produced by urticaria can be assessed by a consultant specialised in this medical condition. Where the person lives, the type of lifestyle they life, the environment that surrounds them, work place and diet can be examined in order to seek out any underlying factors that may be contributing to the cause. In most cases urticaria is not usually serious rashes can be treated with simple remedies consisting of natural herbs and oils. Many natural products are available to buy over the counter and are considered not only safe but also reliable for use.

In cases where urticaria is persistent and classified as chronic then more tests are generally carried out. Medications can be prescribed and strict diets recommended in order to control those elements contributing to the uncomfortable and irritating skin disorder.

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