Keeping Clean Inside and Out

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Keeping one’s self thoroughly clean does not only entail the outside part of the body. Although it is most commonly presumed that when we should stay clean, we should take regular washing and bathing. Bathing and washing have become synonymous with being clean and healthy.

One more thing we need to know is that it is not only the outer part of the body that needs cleaning. Many people still do not know that flushing waste and other toxins from the body is also a form of cleaning. Most people who are uninformed of this suffer from indigestion, constipation and other internal diseases that usually land them in a hospital.

Most people, though they claim to be health conscious, tend to overlook the internal cleanliness of the body. Most of the time, we hear people going to the gyms and spas to refresh, relax, and to be clean. That’s what health spas, health salons and gyms are around for, to offer physical and external clean-up and tone-up. Then what about the internal cleanliness? How do we really get to clean our internal selves?

A lot of people have normal waste flushing early in the morning. Yet there are more who have problems in waste flushing or disposal. It is not enough to wait when “nature calls” to dispose of our internal wastes. There are actually ways in which we, ourselves, could initiate the process of waste disposal of our internal system.

When a part of our external body gets dirty, the first thing we do is to wipe it off or wash it with soap and water to be clean again. That is basic instinct. However, in the case of our internal system, we do not really notice when a part gets “dirty“. Or do we ever think they get dirty at all? Most of the time we don’t, but in reality, they do. And once a part of the internal system gets dirty, they usually lead from minor to major diseases that can cause us our health.

It is time we learn how to clean our internal system.

There is a process in cleansing and stimulating the alimentary canal or the passage of the food. Physically, digestion starts in the mouth. We know that the mouth gets dirty after every meal and so we brush our teeth. Same goes for the passage of the food in the internal system. Once it gets dirty, however, we do not usually do something to clean it up. We do wait for when “nature calls” and then we go to the bathroom. Now, we can “start” cleaning up our internal alimentary canal by flushing out the toxins and not wait for nature to call. The first thing in the morning, right after waking up, we should drink plain hot water just hot enough to drink down rapidly. Take note that it is not coffee or tea but plain water from one to two quarts or more a day or two cups to be taken at a five-minute interval so as not to burn the passage.

Along with the water intake are some exercises that could help prompt the flushing of the wastes. This process will certainly ensure the flushing of toxins and other wastes from the body; thus preventing constipation, diarrhea and other impurities from accumulating inside the body.

This is not a cure but a prevention which is more important. A cure is an attempt to heal the already existing disease whereas prevention is stopping the disease from taking place; thus keeping the systems inside the body to do their regular function. In the end, a clean internal system results to proper bodily functions, smoother skin, clearer voice and more balanced health.

Waste disposal is not necessarily through the restroom when “nature calls”. The skin is also one passage of flushing of the waste inside the body. Therefore, right after cleaning the internal system, we should not forget to clean the outer body part, most especially the skin. The pores could be clogged by sweat, dead cells and other toxins flushed out from the inside.

And clogged pores can prevent needed nutrients from getting inside of the body to help with the proper function of the internal systems. As mentioned earlier, this problem has been looked into that is why there are a lot of health spas, health salons and gyms to help with the cleansing of the outer body parts most especially the skin. For example, a dirty and clogged face causes acne and pimples – a very unsightly dilemma especially for the teens and adolescents. And so there are dermatologists who help clean and remove these problems through “facial cleaning“. The first and foremost technique is to use plenty of soap and warm water in washing up first thing in the morning, last thing in the evening and any time during the day. There are also other paraphernalia that can help remove and loosen unwanted dirt such as sponges, towels and pumice stones.

Bathing in lukewarm water is not only relaxing as they help ease the knots of tiredness at the end of the day. Tepid water could not cause shock from too much cold therefore there is no need to fear chills. Too hot water is also not advisable as it can burn and cause stinging. The water should be about the same temperature of the body and bathing should include friction through rubbing and massaging not only to remove unwanted dirt and but to ease up knotted and tired muscles as well.

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