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Normally when you think of aloe (which contains over 400 different species), you think of it being used for wound healing and things like burns. Aloe is actually added to herbal weight loss products for the main reason that it cleans you right out.

It induces a strong cathartic response, which is why they also say on the labels it is an internal cleanser. One of the 400 species is Aloe Vera, and it is purported to have medicinal properties. Many cosmetics companies use aloe in their products and market them as skin rejuvenators.

Aloe has been touted as a cure all for coughs, wounds, ulcers and gastritis as well as arthritis and immune system deficiencies when taken internally. Apparently the only actual substantiated internal use is as a laxative.

Research on Aloe as a weight loss agent seems to consistently indicate it has no effect on weight loss despite its inclusion in over-the-counter natural remedies for losing weight. Many feel its inclusion is misleading to consumers.

An internal cleanser, when not spelled out that it promotes strong bowel movements, can mean many things, including it cleans up your system and rids you of fats. Certainly it may lead to some minimal weight loss, due to the time spent recycling the product. However, the real weight loss would come with a change in your diet and exercise program.

Aloe evidently also has some rather disturbing side effects – abdominal cramping, diarrhea, electrolyte disturbances, and decreases in potassium. It is also recommended you do not take aloe in combination with medications such as digoxin or diuretics.

The choice is yours and you can decide whether or not you want to try Aloe after you have read all you can about it. Most definitely it is being promoted as being effective in weight loss and not just because it causes diarrhea. It is said to reduce and stabilize body mass index by stimulating the metabolic rate in liver cells causing us to burn more energy.

The other point about Aloe is that is has a high collagen protein content. Meaning, using aloe vera as a supplement in your diet would increase protein intake. The body spends more time trying to digest proteins and spends more energy doing that – thus it burns fat. It’s baffling, but as always, talk to your Doctor.

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