Stress Related Bruxism

The Truth About Bruxism

Most people who suffer from bruxism are not even aware that they actually grind or clench their teeth. Since it is something which is mainly done during sleep that is to say during the night, it is usually a second party or partner that detects the teeth grinding. Depending on how long it has been going on for, most people who have bruxism will have some damage to their teeth. This is generally seen as flattened tooth surfaces and harder and firmer muscles in the cheeks and jaw line.

Bruxism is something which is often done subconsciously but thought to be highly connected to stress or specific medications. Teeth grinding is not uncommon in children but tends to be sporadic and short term. In adults, bruxism can be chronic so it is crucial that the cause behind it is established in order to stop it from happening. Relief is usually in the form of a mouth guard and this is placed in the mouth between the teeth before going to sleep. It is however said that mouth guards do not stop bruxism but rather merely prevent further damage to the teeth. People who wear mouth guards and who have severe bruxism will often grind down on the mouth guard.

Learning how to reduce stress levels and make some serious life style changes can be the best way to stop bruxism. Reducing tension in the face and adopting relaxation techniques before bedtime can really help control stress levels and minimize bruxism.

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