Bruxism Relief

The Truth About Bruxism

Bruxism is the name given to the medical condition which involves the repeated motion of grinding or clenching the teeth. The majority of people who suffer from bruxism tend to grind their teeth during sleep but it can be something which happens throughout the day. It is thought to be related to stress and side effects of certain medications and can be either mild or chronic.

Chronic cases of bruxism result in intense pain in the muscles of the cheeks and jaw line. Also continued clenching and teeth grinding will cause damage to the actual teeth. Some people are unaware that they actually grind their teeth and it is usually after a routine dental check that the dentist will pick up on any damage to the teeth or abnormalities to the face. Bruxism consists of intense pressure on the teeth and jaw and when severe it can in fact lead to more serious conditions such as arthritis and temporomandibular joint disorders.

Bruxism relief is generally in the form of a mouth guard or splint which can be inserted into the mouth at night time before bed. These can be custom made to fit the mouth of the individual by his or her dentist but do come at a cost. They are however quite effective in preventing any further damage to the tooth surfaces and stop any clenching or grinding from repositioning the teeth in the mouth.

Other bruxism relief may be in the form of pain medication which can help reduce any swelling or pain felt namely in the muscles of the face and the jaw. Alternative treatments include specific exercises for the jaw and certain life style changes than help reduce or eliminate stress levels.

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