How to Stop Becoming One of the Identity Theft Statistics

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Identity theft statistics show that hundreds of thousands of people become victims of identity theft every year. The identity theft statistics show lots of numbers, but they do not really show the horrors of this crime. The victims can suffer for many years because of this crime. They lose thousands of dollars every year, and their lives become totally disrupted because of this crime. The identity theft statistics show that people in some states are more likely to suffer from the results of this crime than those in other states. The numbers show that people in California are more vulnerable than others to the effects of this crime.

Identity theft not only takes away money, but it also steals one’s name and reputation. The money is probably the least part of the problem from this crime. Most banks and credit card companies have protections for their customers, and often these protections replace much of the stolen money. The problems arise when others take jobs in the name of the person affected by identity theft. These criminals sign up for social security when they take these jobs. They also sign up for credit cards that often go delinquent.

Identity Theft Statistics Are Often Based on Crime Reports

The money is often replaced, but the victim has a bad credit rating as a result. People affected spend many hours trying to get back their names, their good credit and their reputation. The identity theft statistics are usually found from crime reports, but some of these crimes remain unreported so the identity theft statistics do not show accurate numbers. These statistics show the total dollar amounts are staggering. Some of the statistics show hundreds of millions dollars. The funds are lost by the individuals and the financial institutions that protect their customers.

The identity theft statistics show that this is the fastest growing crime in the United States. The statistics show that one in fifty people is affected by this crime. This type of crime affects people in the thirty to thirty-nine year age bracket more than others according to the identity theft statistics. The second largest group affected is in the eighteen to twenty-nine year old age bracket. Identity theft statistics are used by insurance companies, banks and law enforcement agencies to study the consequences and methods of these crimes. There is evidence that the identity thieves will increase so there is great interest in this information.

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