Reasons to Try CPA Marketing

How to Earn Commission from Clickbank

So, what is CPA marketing? Firstly, CPA is an acronym for Cost Per Action. And, the way an affiliate gets paid is when a site visitor performs an “action” on their website. There are different “actions” a site visitor can take for the affiliate to get paid. Perhaps the most common type of CPA offer is an email submit where the visitor only has to input their email address. In return, the affiliate may earn $1 or $2 per email submitted.

The email submit aspect to CPA marketing is what many new affiliates try because again, to simply submit just an email address is relatively unobtrusive and an affiliate can make a few bucks a day as a result. However, the affiliate, to really ramp up their earnnings must get a lot of traffic in order to really make a lot of money. Also, one must pay attention to making their landing page (or whichever method they use to capture leads) to ensure it converts optimally.

However, affiliates are also offered higher paying CPA offers that can pay out as much as $20-$30 or more. The reason there are these types of offers is because the affiliates visitors must perform many more “actions” than a simple email submission. For example, a product such as a dietary supplement may offer a 30 day free trial (or bottle) of the product. However, the site visitor must fill out many more form fields such as their name, address, email, phone, and even credit card information. The reason is the supplement companies offer the 30 day free trial but require a small shipping fee.

Because the visitor must perform many more actions, in particular using their credit card info, the affiliate will get paid much more than a simple email submit.

Lots of affiliates have started small, making a few bucks per day and gone on to make 6-figures per DAY so the sky is the limit with CPA marketing…but, it must be done correctly to really reap 6-figure pay days.

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