How to Stave Off Plastic Surgery Naturally and Attain a Younger Face

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The world has seen great strides in medical miracles, technology and anti-aging. We see cutting edge conveniences everywhere as we live keep-up-to-date lives that have altered who we are.

We have cell phones that provide us with on-the-go communication as we download movies, music and news. Never in the history of our world have we been so closely connected as we further rely on the internet to bring us information, news, sports scores and more in real time – it’s all readily available at our fingertips.

Preventing maladies and protecting our health has become everyday news. Anyone who reads, listens to radio and watches television knows that exercise and diet are vitally important to our good health; we choose our foods wisely and know that exercise improves not only our waistlines but also our blood pressure, blood serums and it keeps dis-ease at bay.

People seem to easily live healthfully into their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Options for living longer means one can easily replace knees, hips, even elbows if they wear out; hearts and lungs and other organs are transplanted plus there are many, many drug and vitamin supplements that work to keep us vitally alive

We live in a youth obsessed world. We don’t want to feel old or look old; we want to look like the airbrushed models we see in magazines, billboards and television. Aging can be a painful experience as we look in the mirror and see an older face staring back at us.

How and when did this happen?

Little by little facial muscles begin to lose their vitality. This loss of vitality produces noticeable sagging over time as the muscles elongate; this action drags the skin downward making one look tired, out of shape and old. One might see down turned mouth corners, a flabby neck or a lined forehead develop practically overnight. Aging in the face can alter our lives as we lose confidence in our appearance.

One option to turn back the clock is plastic surgery; it has certainly become mainstream and affordable but surgery has inherent risks such as anesthesia complications, loss of sensation, risk of infection and less than stellar results sometimes occur. Taking unnecessary financial risks and risking one’s health to attain youthfulness is a very steep investment that one should carefully consider.

Another aspect of having a surgical face procedure is that muscles continue to atrophy, pulling the skin downward.

Unfortunately, surgery does not stave off the aging process; procedures just mask the symptoms and the muscles continue to weaken due to inactivity. Surgical face lifts may be repeated and little “nips and tucks” performed periodically to “freshen” the lift; again, more risk for the patient.

Injections of “filler materials” have become so popular, one shouldn’t be surprised to find them popping up in every airport kiosk. Botox® and Restylane® and Collagen are the “darlings” of the many available injections but they, too, only mask aging in the face. The results from these injections are temporary and must be repeated several times per year to counteract further muscle elongation.

What if one wants to proceed naturally? Is there a way to look revitalized when you don’t want to spend money or risk your health to look younger and fresher?

There are those “weeds” and “seeds” – people who prefer everything organic and natural to achieve better health and they would never consider plastic surgery, rather you will find them seeking the latest information from their trusted naturopath and exploring other techniques that are proven and safe.

One easy way to a non-surgical, non-invasive face lift is to practice isometric facial exercise. This is a natural way to revitalize the facial muscles and yet look at least ten to fifteen years younger in just a few weeks. Isometric movements along with resistance techniques make a huge difference when you exercise your body; the same type of exercise will lift, tone and tighten the facial muscles. You will look healthier and younger as you laugh all the way to the bank.

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