Peter Sagan Kicked Out of Race Over Cavendish Crash

World champion Peter Sagan has been disqualified from the Tour for causing the crash on stage four involving Mark Cavendish. At the end of a largely uneventful stage, Sagan cut across Cavendish’s racing line and nudged him with an elbow to cause the Manx sprinter to hit the side barriers hard. Sagan won stage three and came second here, but will play no further part in this year’s Tour. [adcode1]

17 Funny Animal Memes That Will Make You Almost Too Happy

Enjoy the show… #1 The monkey slap #2 The firefox hang #3 Cat has three friends #4 Can’t afford the cat #5 Mini me #6 Say nothing #7 I’m one of you #8 Imma chicken? #9 I really like you #10 Deflated dog #11 Drivin’ my car #12 Caught in action #13 Bear on overdose #14 Black snake down #15 New friend in town #16 Expecting a baby #17 That stick

10 Bizarre Celebrity Love Triangles That Will Shock You

[nextpage] Love is a part of human life; it can cause peace where there is war, or even cause war where there is peace. Romantic love is supposed to be between two people, and society celebrates this union because it is always beautiful. However, when a third party gets into the relationship, the beautiful union turns into an ugly love triangle. Here are 10 love triangles that made headlines in the recent past: #1 Woody Allen, Mia…