Herbal Supplements Used to Treat Multiple Sclerosis

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Herbal supplements used to treat multiple sclerosis

Although not recognized in standard allopathic medicine, the use of herbal supplements can be very useful in treating MS.

Fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. In addition to treating inflammation caused by multiple sclerosis, fish oil also may have the ability to assist in myelin repair. It is often recommended by alternative medicine practitioners that people with multiple sclerosis take between 3 and 9 grams of fish oil daily, for optimal myelin repair.

Some studies have shown that soya lecithin combined with fish oil may further help myelin repair itself after an MS attack.

It has been shown that the body needs adequate calcium intake in order to optimize its ability to transmit electrical signals. In addition, some studies have shown that high intake of vitamin D may slow the progression of multiple sclerosis. Therefore, it is recommended that people with MS take a combination of calcium and vitamin D daily.

Magnesium and calcium work together to assist electrical signals traveling in the body. Taken before bed, magnesium is also very helpful in treating restless legs syndrome, or spasticity at night. People with MS can take up to 1500 mg of magnesium per day. Too much magnesium can cause loose stools or other bowel problems.

Many people with multiple sclerosis suffer from severe fatigue. A good B-complex sublingual liquid can help treat this. Be sure the preparation you choose has a high concentration of vitamin B-12.

For depression associated with multiple sclerosis, many people use St. John’s Wort.

Sometimes, multiple sclerosis can make you feel as if you’re thinking slower than normal or that your brain is in a fog. Ginseng and/or Ginko Biloba may help treat this.

Of course, speak to your doctor or alternative medicine practitioner before starting this or any other supplement regimen. Some vitamins, minerals, or supplements may interact with standard multiple sclerosis treatments.

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