Text Your Ex Back With a Good First Text

Text Your Ex Back

If you’re planning to text your ex in a bid to win them back then it’s important that you get that very first text just right. Knowing what to say can be a dilemma as you will not want to compose anything that might push them further away. Dealing with emotions, coping with fear and rejection and worrying about if you are doing the right thing all play a part in how you might be feeling at the time you may send a text.

Knowing exactly what to write and what words to text will all play a part in whether or not you can in fact text your ex back. Do you type something short and sweet? Keep it simple? Show them you still care? Do you apologize? Find out how they are? These are perhaps just some of the many questions stirring round in your head. But when it comes to actually texting your ex, you will need to know the answers or at the very least what you might choose to text. After all, that very first text could be the be all and end all to your relationship so it is important to get it right. Therefore you will need to text your e back with a good first text.

What you should be aiming for is to make an impact and allow that first text to open up your ex’s mind to the idea of getting back together. Here are a few pointers that you might like to consider.

Try not to text your ex too soon after the break up, give it a couple of week. This will give you plenty of time to reflect back over the relationship and think about where you went wrong. You will have lots of emotions going on so you’ll need time to process your feelings and not act on impulse. It could cost you if you rush in!

Avoid mentioning the relationship and how or why it ended. You need to focus on why you want to be back with your ex and hope they feel they same way too.

Don’t beg or use terms that are overpowering. This will look desperate and you want to appear mature and that you are willing to start afresh.

And finally, keep it short and send various texts that follow on. It may be you don’t get an immediate response to the first text so you’ll need to word your texts so they follow on.

Text The Romance Back