Text Your Ex Back With Class

Text Your Ex Back

If you plan on using the text medium as a way to get back with your ex then you need to plan your messages carefully and text your ex back with class.

Once you have had time to get your head around the initial break up you can spend some time reflecting over what went wrong and how you could change the things that obviously weren’t working. Try to put yourself in your ex’s shoes and understand how they might be feeling.

Of course, as with any breakup they are a lot of emotions at play and sometimes we just need to take time out to work out exactly how we are feeling. Are we still angry? Do we miss our ex? Are we able to forgive? And forget in order to move on and start afresh? Once you have a clear understanding of how you are feeling and what you want to do, you are ready to start texting your ex.

When it comes to that very first text message you want to make an impact, stir up an emotion and get your ex hooked. It might not lead to an immediate response, if even a response at all. But it give you time to work on a second text and follow on with another message that indicates you are still there thinking about your ex.

Try not to rush into sending a second text if you have not heard back. Give your ex time to respond or even just accept you have made contact. It may be that they are still raw so you need to show you are sensitive and this in turn will show you have not only feeling but also a n element of class.

Text The Romance Back