Texting Your Ex Back Can Work

Text Your Ex Back

It’s hard to believe that a simple text can be the olive branch that reunites you with the ex you still love and want to get back with. There are so many myths surrounding text messaging and how effective it can actually be that it’s no wonder many of us are sceptical about using this form of communication as a means to get back with the ex.

Texting is generally used as a quick and easy means to pass on information. The younger mobile users are known to text over 200 times a day. But a text message not matter what words are used can be a double edged sword. What the written word doesn’t have is intonation and volume and often the sentiment behind the words can be lost in the way the text is read. It is of course all relevant to how the recipient is feeling at the time he/she receives the text.

Studies have shown that if you plan to reply on a text to get back you ex, then you must leave a period of time between the first actual text you send and the day of the break up. The suggested period is 3-4 weeks. This will not only give you yourself time to reflect back on the relationship but also allow further emotions, hopefully that of remorse, to enter into your ex’s heart.

Then you need to think about what exactly you are going to text. Again, texts with some amount of depth and meaning have proved to be far more effective than one which reads as senseless or desperate. It is also worthwhile trying to think of a follow on text in case you do not get a response.

But remember than even if you do not get a reply, the odds that your text has been seen and read are must more in your favour than a phone call which is clearly left unanswered.

Text The Romance Back