Can Urticuria Be A Warning For Other Illnesses

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Urticuria is associated with an allergic reaction to either certain foods or external substances in the environment. It is also related to stress, poor diet and over indulgence or abuse of other substances. Typical signs of urticuria includes severe itchiness of the skin with red bumps and patches that can appear anywhere on the skins surface.

Most people who suffer from urticuria or hives will be fortunate enough to experience a mild form of this irritable skin condition. In such cases there is no real need for any treatment as relief generally comes about after a relatively short period of time. However, in more severe cases of hives it is much more difficult to pin point what it is that is the cause behind it.

Trying to distinguish the cause of urticuria is often not that easy. Changes in diet and the elimination of certain foods thought to trigger off allergic reactions is not always successful in keeping hives at bay. Reoccurring cases that are so severe and cause the patient great distress and discomfort are now thought to be possible warning signs of a much more serious underlying health complaint.

Those who suffer from chronic urticuria should seek medical advice in the first instance and from there will most likely have to undergo a series of in depth tests in order to determine or rule out other possible problems. It is said that most diseases have their roots buried much deeper and therefore a urticurial rash is perhaps just the body’s way of providing us with a tell tale sign that something isn’t quite right within.

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