Is Content Curation The Future

Monthly Content

Content curation seems to be gaining more and more momentum as content creators are beginning to see the benefits. If your main aim is to provide content, be that for internet marketing purposes, newsletter or informational purposes, etc. then you understand that creating content as often as possible is a challenge. Even if you love to write and don’t mind writing several articles per day, at some point you may hit a plateau and struggle to come up with more unique content.

By curating content from multiple different sources, and compiling them in a way that it adds value to your readers, you should never have a problem coming up with unique content no matter now and in the future. Curated content can provide much more value to your audience than just your own article on its own. This doesn’t mean that your content isn’t valuable, of course it is (or should be!) but if you write meaningful content then take a little time to research what others are saying about the same subject, then you and link to these relevant articles or comment on excerpts of these articles thus providing a more well-rounded perspective for your readers.

If done correctly, you can set up systems where your content is deemed unique by the search engines every time simply by adding your own perspectives to what others have written. By assimilating content written by others, adding your own comments or remarks, then engaging your readers to add their own take…you are not only creating new content but you’re providing added value and inspiring it be shared socially.

The important things to remember about content curation is not to steal other peoples’ works. If you curate content, be sure to link back and credit the original authors. The idea is to help inspire you to continue to add valuable content to your readers as well as inspire more ideas and reasons to write, even if you hit a “wall” and can’t think of what to write about. Content curation, if used correctly, can truly benefit all involved.

Content Professor