Using Instagram to Promote Your Business

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If you’ve been paying attention to how SEO anytime the past year or so, you’ll know how important it is to integrate social media in your marketing plans. Actually, it’s not just about search engines but using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to gain exposure, build a following, etc. Social media is extremely powerful and if used correctly, can make a huge difference to your business.

At the moment, Instagram has over 90 million users that login at least one time a month, says the company itself. That’s a lot of eyeballs ready and willing to take a look at your marketing message. There are many ways to promote your business and build a brand following using Instagram Marketing.

Here are a few ways to consider using Instagram:

You can create your own hashtag where you can build a following for your business. Inside Instagram, this “business hashtag” allows you to monitor those followers actively using your hashtag. Those followers who use your hashtag, particularly in a positive way, are like sending a “yes” vote about your business which builds your brand and can increase your customer base. Why not thank these followers for posting your hashtag and bring in that “human” element to marketing so they know they are appreciated?

Behind the scenes photos are also another great way to engage your audience. Getting employees to post photos of your business not only frees up your time but shares the community element of your business. Obviously, don’t let people post whatever they want, but by letting employees contribute their photos, your followers can get a real sense of the type of business you run and again, this can improve your bottom line significantly.

Geo tagging is also another great way to target folks from certain parts of the world.

The idea is to get folks interested in following your business, becoming fans, and hopefully becoming customers.

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