Instagram Marketing Used by Top Brands

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With over 80 million users signed up to the Instagram service it is no wonder that more and more Top Brands are coming on board and using Instagram to help boost their online marketing strategies. So how exactly are these huge companies using a mobile app to raise their profile and increase public interest in their brands?

Instagram, although formerly reserved for iPhone users, is now available to android phones and allows users to basically snap photos of just about anything, edit them and upload to an account profile that is open and visible to their followers. Incorporated on various social media platform photos can be liked, shared and have comments left on them which increase their presence and popularity on the web. So when it comes to a brand, what is ultimately gained is exposure. It was thought that Instagram doesn’t really have much online marketing value but top brands that have signed up to this fun way to share images have literally proved that is not the case.

Huge brand names have proved to be the most successful and occupy the list of 10 ten most popular when it comes to number of followers etc. Followers recognise their favourite brands and will be loyal when it comes to clicking on an image and sharing with their own followers and even friends. More and more top brands are using Instagram to help promote their products and will go all out on producing some magnificent looking images in a bid to capture a bigger audience. Engaging customers will keep them interested and encourage them to recommend and suggest the brand to others. For top brands Instagram is a win-win online marketing strategy.

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